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If you would have asked me two short years ago, if I would ever meet 10 attractive women a week, get 1000’s of emails (literally – thousands!) from women, and have several long term relationships (sometimes with more then one woman at a time ;), I would laugh in your face and ask you what kind of drugs you’re on. But now I do that all the time…


In the past two years, I’ve met countless women online. I met some of my best female friends through online dating, and I even got to meet and go out on dates with celebrities who I met online!


There were weeks that all I did was go out with women I met online, sometimes 9 or 10 dates a week – not that I’m complaining or anything – but that was really hard!!!


In the next few minutes, you will find out how you too can get such amazing success and go from being dateless to meeting hot women and having amazing girlfriends in just a few simple steps!


I have to mention one more thing: I’m not ugly or anything, but I definitely don’t have the tall-dark-handsome-look. I’m not rich or famous. I’m in my mid 30’s (the women I date are in their mid 20’s... ;), I’m a bit overweight, and I’m very shy with women I see out in bars or clubs. In fact I would rather spend two hours at the dentist then talk to a woman I see in a bar/club/street and risk being rejected!


My incredible story:


Until a bit over two years ago, I was in a slump in my social and romantic life - I didn’t have a girlfriend in years (literally - years!!), and the women I met and tried to date were of low quality and far apart. To make things worse, in I was new in town, didn’t have any friends, and didn’t even know where to find a good social scene.


I decided to try out this thing I heard about called “online dating”. I put up a profile on and waited for the stream of emails from beautiful women to flood my inbox, but alas, there was nothing.


Does this sound familiar?


Since I would do almost anything to get a quality woman without having to “pick her up” (not that I even knew how to do that) at a bar or club, or wait by the vegetable section in the grocery store hoping a cute girl would walk by and start a conversation with me, I decided to learn all I can about online dating and find the girl of my dreams.


As I did some more research, I found that women have it easy online, I found that most dating sites are a “buffet of men” just waiting for the woman to “pick them”. To make things worse, I didn’t even have a good picture of myself to make me more attractive (remember? I’m overweight).


Later on, I found that if an attractive woman posts a profile online, she gets bombarded by hundreds of men begging for her attention. Usually ending up ignoring most of them!


You know what I mean, don’t you…


With this information, I was about to quit, but that meant that I will be alone and horny, and since I couldn’t “pick up” girls at a bar, I was forced to think of a better way.


Read on and I will share everything I know with you - I guarantee that once you follow my instruction you will get the results I did – what took me two years to develop and figure out, will take you only a few hours!


How the “Sam Stone method TM” came to be:


My professional background is business strategy. I consult companies (both big and small) on ways to improve their business, develop processes, become more attractive to their customers, and beat their competitors. I decided to apply this knowledge to online dating and to develop a proven strategy to getting a date online.


I thought that this method would bring average results, but I was shocked to find that it has an enormous power over women on dating web sites. I’ve met exotic dancers, football cheerleaders, women in the entertainment industry, and I’ve even had women send me naked pictures of themselves before we even met in person!!!


I’ve also met some amazing and intelligent women who became my girlfriends and I did so without using any “dirty tricks”, pick up lines, or being dishonest - I was just being myself. In the process, I’ve also been burnt a few times, had some very disappointing experiences, and learned a lot from them. These good and bad experiences have lead me to develop the “Sam Stone method TM” which you can now have access to!


The Sam Stone method TM is a proven system to attract and date women you meet in online dating sites. Success using this system is not unique to me! The few others I have shared this secret with, have used it and are seeing similar results!!


My friends (both male and female) heard of my success, and started asking me for advice. Over time I put together a list of tips and ideas that would help them navigate the complexities of online dating and go from no success at all, to several dates a week, to getting into relationships and going from total disappointment from the lack of compatible dates, to having to get advice on time management because of the multitude of new people they are meeting. At some point, they said, “you should write a book on this” and so I did.


It is important to mention that all of them are regular people like you and I - they went from little or no success at all to extreme success almost over night. You can do that too! With ZERO risk!


Internet Dating Secrets Revealed


By reading this book, you will have the ability to become an expert in the following:
  • The Sam Stone method TM for fast and easy online dating
  • How I got 10 dates a week using online dating!
  • How you can get instant success online without even having a picture posted!
  • The 3 email method - how to get a woman to meet you within 3 emails
  • How to get a date without even having to talk to her on the phone!
  • How to find hidden gems – super hot women who don’t get approached as much as most women so you have a much higher chance of meeting them
  • Templates for emails and profiles that have been proven to work in real life
  • A step by step guide to setting up the perfect first date that will amaze her and create instant attraction!
  • How to know when to kiss a woman on a date and how to kiss her in a way that will drive her nuts!
  • How to get physical on a first date
  • How I met amazing women who became my girlfriends using online dating!
  • Real life examples of email exchanges with hot women and how I set up dates with them
  • How to effectively deal with tests, curveballs, and other obstacles women throw at you in a way that will increase her attraction to you!
  • How to get a girl to go out on a date with you in less then 30 seconds using stock material!
  • How to write a killer email that will “force” a woman to respond!
  • How guys mess up every time when complimenting a woman and how you can use compliments to make her feel incredibly attracted to you!
  • What to talk about on a first date with a woman you meet online
  • Common mistakes guys make in a first date with a woman they meet online that kills any attraction they might have created and how to avoid them
  • How I got hot women to send me naked pictures of themselves (really!!!)
  • How to gain an insider view to what a woman feels when she goes online
  • How to communicate with a woman on a deeper level then she’s ever experienced with guys she meets online
  • How to shoot down other guys that communicate with your online prospect
  • How I met celebrities online and got into their circle of friends!
  • How to optimize your profile and make it stand out
  • How to overcome any weakness you think you have that will prevent women from contacting you
  • How to meet and attract women who “think” you are not their type
  • How to read between the lines of a profile to learn what’s really important to her
  • Common profile mistakes guys make and how to use them to your advantage
  • Common email mistakes guys make and how to use them to your advantage
  • 100’s of examples of things I’ve used to meet women online
  • How to meet women online without using dirty tricks, lying and being yourself no matter how old you are, or how you look
  • How I got girlfriends from online dating
  • How I got over 1496 emails from women using online dating
  • A great way to get a woman who didn’t reply to your first email to email you back
  • How to pick a killer user name and use it to generate conversation
  • The matrix approach to sending emails
  • Great ideas for locations of a first date.
  • How I got thank you notes from girls I met online.

And much more…

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If you don’t believe this could be possible, listen to what some people who used my method have to say (these are the actual comments, no edits, no changes! I even included the original spelling mistakes!):



Your book changed my life!!! For 5 years now, I’ve been trying every "self-help" program out there, I stopped counting how many “how to meet women” books I’ve read! When I found your stuff, I thought it would be similar, but my friend who told me about it convinced me to give it a shot. Man! Was I surprised! Your book opened my eyes to the possibilities out there, I thought I’d have to fake and lie my way into a woman’s heart (and pants…;) but your system showed me how I can do without having to be someone that I’m not! The best part I think, was learning to speak “girl”, I didn’t even know how many subtle things I was missing in communication with women! I’ve gone from ZERO success to 3 dates a week and it’s only getting better!!!! Thank you so much! If you’re ever in Chicago, stop by, I owe you a drink!!!

-Lawrence K, Chicago


Your book rocks! Hot women just love the material you teach! I keep getting emails saying stuff like “wow, you’re so funny!” and “I cant wait to meet you” form women that I were never in my “league”! Last night was the first time I got laid off online dating! I still cant believe that all I needed to do was read this book!

-Joe L., Dallas, TX


I’ve never seen a system that provides so much detail on how to be successful with women you meet online! Your book is not only very comprehensive, with a detailed step by step guide (I really loved the “video game” analogy, it really helped me get over some issues I’ve had with women), but it is also very effective! I’m 45, and I though I was too old to date girls in their 20’s, but using the profile ideas you provided, I met several girls ranging from 23 – 27. Right now I’m dating a 25 year old! She’s nuts about me! Thank you for this great system! I am in your debt!

-S. Davis, Portland, OR


Comment from a girl:

Your book should be a required reading for all guys going on! I met my boyfriend online and we’ve dated for a while before he showed me your book. At first, I thought it would be full of pickup lines and tricks, but you are really sincere and teach guys how to really communicate with a woman and help her become attracted to you! I laughed my ass off with some of your examples! Your stuff definitely works! Thanks for helping me find a great boyfriend!

-Laura, Pittsburgh


I read your book last week, in fact, I read it 3 times! Since then, I’ve updated my online profile, and now, hot women (one of them is a model!) have been emailing me! This book is gold!

-F.H., Ohio


I just got out of a long (and bad!) relationship, and thought I’d try out online dating. I sucked at it! The women I approached didn’t even bother to respond! I was miserable, but then my brother told me about this book (he met his smoking hot GF online!!!). I was skeptical, but since I wasn’t getting any results I thought id give it a try. Best $19 I ever spent! This book had all the answers to what was holding me back. I’m dating like crazy now, and meeting some really amazing women! If I’d only had this book before I met my ex, it would have saved me a LOT of heartache and problems! Who knew that there were so many quality women online!

-Steve F., Miami


Yo Sam!

I used to think online dating was for losers and nerds without a life, but when I heard that you met celebrities and exotic dancers on, I thought I’d give it a try. Wow! I never thought I could meet so many hotties online! I actually met a couple of girls from my college there, they never gave me the time of day when the saw me at school, but now I have dates with both of them! And it’s all thanks to the great advice you give in your book!

-Alex M. San Diego


I thought that I would always suck with women, I actually thought about getting a “mail order bride” (seriously!). I mean, I have money, I’m good looking, but women always ended up being “my friends” and I never got to date ones I wanted. Buying your book and going online was the best thing I ever did! I am meeting the hottest women online, and they just love me! Thanks for the great material and templates! They really work! My new girlfriend (yes, I now have a girlfriend!!!) is amazing! She’s gorgeous, smart, funny, and best of all, she’s totally into me! I’ve gone from nerd to stud, and this all happened thanks to reading the attitude section of your book!

-K., Seattle, WA


I’ve read a ton of stuff about online dating, and always thought they had some good ideas, but didn’t really say anything new. Your book really shocked me! I can’t believe I got girls to go out with me without even talking to them on the phone! You “finding hidden gems” online section is amazing! Those girls are awesome and I’m dating them! It’s like shooting fish in a barrel! So easy to get dates!!! Thanks man!

-Paul, Houston, TX

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You’ll also GET THREE Additional Bonuses!!!






The “Sexual Escalation Handbook” – where you will learn the key steps that lead to having sex with a woman!

Women love sex as much as men do, There’s no point in going out on a date with her, if you don’t know the exact formula of turning her on and having sex with her.


You will learn:

  • The essential steps from meeting a woman to having sex with her
  • How to turn a woman on in ways she’s never experienced before
  • How to get physical with a woman minutes after you first meet her (sometimes even seconds!!!)
  • How to make a woman beg you for sex!
  • How to make a woman feel an unstoppable urge to seduce you!
  • How to make out with a woman and get her really hot for you
  • How to touch a woman’s intimate parts without her even trying to resist
  • How to know when a woman is ready for sex
  • A POWERFUL technique to get a woman to take clothes off without any resistance
  • How to give a woman the most incredible orgasm she’s ever had (Warning! this is only to be used if you have plans to see her again, she will go crazy if you do it to her and then move on!)
  • 3 incredible techniques to overcome sexual resistance and get her to go all the way (begging her for sex isn’t one of them…)
  • How to use romantic elements (candles, music etc…) to almost “force” a girl to have sex with you
  • The key behavior to get women to do things they’d never imagined they’ll do (this took me a LONG time to figure out, most guys will never realize how easy it is to get a girl to do really kinky and cool stuff but it is!)

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The “Confidence Manual” – where you will learn how to develop the KEY quality for success with women and in life!

Remember that cool guy you’ve always dreamed of being, the one who was so confident with women that they were literally swarming to him whenever he wanted? You could become that guy!



In this exclusive manual you will learn:

  • How to build the confidence that will make you irresistible to women you meet!
  • How to instantly increase your attraction to women no matter how you look, how much you make, or how old you are!
  • Proven techniques to get your confidence level to new levels you’ve never believed possible
  • The 5 step action plan to overcoming fear and building the confidence with women you’ve always dreamed of having!
  • The 4 key elements that will prevent you from building confidence with women and how to overcome them
  • How to get over inner problems you think you have that prevent you from meeting and attracting women
  • How to get over “shyness”
  • Why anxiety exists and how to blow it away

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The whole process takes less then 5 minutes and you will be reading the book in no time!


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Let’s recap what you get:




You get everything:

  1. Internet Dating Secrets Revealed!: the ultimate guide to meeting and attracting amazing women using the internet!

  2. The Sexual Escalation Handbook!- including the key steps that lead to having sex with a woman!

  3. The Confidence Manual! - Develop the KEY quality for success with women and in life!

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What if there’s a possibility, that this information can teach you how to meet not ONE, but DOZENS of amazing women, INSTANTLY, and from the comfort of your own home? What if there’s just a possibility that your life would change forever, that you will have more amazing women in your life then you’ve ever dreamed of and you’ll never have to spend a lonely Saturday night ever again!?


I personally spent 2 years, thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours learning how to meet and attract women online.


If I’d only had been able to buy this powerful information, and learn these techniques, I would have been willing to pay hundreds of dollars for it!


I am offering you this possibility. For an investment of only $29.97, you will gain access to the time, effort and investment I put into learning how to be great with women!


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 6 months from now, I can guarantee that you will look back at this moment in your life and say “this is when my life changed, this was my first step in changing my life to the amazing life I have now”.


I’ve studied decision making and people’s behavior for many years, I know this: If you don't make the decision to get this part of your life handled right now, it is very unlikely that you're ever going to do anything about it in the future.


I have been in your situation before, I know how it feels, and I’ve discovered how to make things better. Now, I am going to show you the way.

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Wishing you Good luck in your online dating success!!!

Sam Stone

p.s. . Every tip, strategy, and technique are things that I use personally!

These are PROVEN techniques! I’ve used them for my dating success and so have many of the people I’ve helped, I know they will work for you too! Remember, you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee - if you're not happy, YOU DON'T PAY. This is truly a 100% risk- free offer.

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