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Using the Affiliate Partnership Program
Some Information (financial info below):
  • sells an eBook called “Internet Dating Secrets Revealed!” – this book teaches guys how to be more successful with women they meet online using the Sam Stone™ method – a proven system for online success that I developed over the last few years. The eBook is sold $29.97.
  • Target audience: Single guys ranging in age from 18-60 who are in need of advice on how to be more successful meeting women, and using online dating to do so. This is market is HUGE (according to industry studies 40,000,000 (40 Million!) Americans are using online dating services and around half of them are men. This market is also growing every day.
  • I’m looking for serious webmasters and website owners who would like to promote my eBook in order to generate additional revenue for themselves. This is something that will benefit both of us and I want it to be successful. I appreciate your help.
  •  I am looking for sites that can send any amount of unique visitors a day to my site. I will split the sales revenue with you evenly for the traffic you send.
  • Currently, my conversion rate is 1:18 – this means for every 18 people who enter the site one of them makes a purchase (This of course depends on the quality of traffic sent). This is no guarantee of what kind of conversion your traffic will produce, as every traffic source is different, but this site has converted 1 in 18 people to a sale!

    Example: If you send 1,000 visitors a day, which would equal about 1660 sales per month, which would net you around $24,875 a month. If you send more and/or your conversion is higher, you’ll make more. 
  • I use as my shopping cart software. This is a third party shopping cart application that works with Paypal, and tracks ALL your referred traffic and conversions so you are assured of on time, accurate accounting and payment. You will not need to worry about some two-bit website running off with your hard-earned money; Pay pal is currently the largest online payment site in the world.
    You can read more about how payments are made at:
  • This is important to me and it should be to you because they're your customers. “Internet Dating Secrets Revealed!” is a great, marketable eBook that is in very high demand – men have always and will always want to know how to meet women and with online dating, this program makes it easy and affordable.

Sam Stone